Comparing Maps

During today’s lesson we are going to examine how Dubai has changed over the past 50 years. We will then  create some maps of Dubai city and write a comparison about them

Warm Up: 

Before we start the lesson lets review through some vocabulary that we can use to describe maps

This link will also provide you with some vocabulary :

Now lets play a game of shoot by going to the following website

Introductory Video 

Watch the video below showing how Dubai has changed:

Using the Padlet link in groups talk about some of the differences between Dubai now and Dubai in the past:

Drawing Maps 

In groups use the provided worksheet to prepare two hand drawn maps showing differences in Dubai over the past 50 years. Once you have drawn your two maps change maps with another group take a picture of the maps and then upload it on thing link (this can be done via the thing link app or thing

On your maps answer the following questions and label:

  1. What has been added to the map?
  2. What has been removed from the map?
  3. What has been replaced?
  4. What has been extended?
  5. What are the main changes in the map?

Describing the Maps 

Using a writing app write a 3 paragraph essay describing the changes that can be seen in your two maps . Remember that your map should include 3 paragraphs

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

And that you should include your six sentences in your map

Swap essays with another group and use the following check list to peer assess

  1. Does the essay have 3 paragraphs (introduction, body and conclusion) ?
  2. Does the essay tell you what the maps show ?
  3. Does the essay mention what the major change is?
  4. Does the essay talk about the major changes?

Once you have completed your essay email your group’s completed essay to the following email address:





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