Performing well at a job interview (Tips to succeed)

For this part of the grade 11 enrichment project students will need to work in pairs to create a presentation that will discuss useful tips to help candidates prepare for a job interview. You will need to use a power point tool such as, key note or power point. Please remember that your presentation should be creative and informative and that when using external resources such as the internet that these are properly documented.

In order for everyone to have the opportunity to present their presentation preparation will take place during todays class and students  will present during the following project class.

Please note that the presentation carries a grade and will be included in your final project grade.

Literature Assignment (Cosmic)

As part of your curriculum we  will need to start reading the Cosmic literature book which we started during the first semester. It is very important that we start covering the literature book as soon as possible as there is a strong likelihood that there will be a section based on literature either in SWQ or the EOT.

Therefore in order for us to cover the book on time I have decided that I will set it as homework. This will require you to work in pairs and read  20 pages a week. I have attached to this blog post a worksheet that I expect you to complete and hand in every week on Thursday. Please remember that these summary worksheets will be used during your overall grade so it is important that you work with your partner and hand them in every week

Weekly Summary Literature 

Lit. Weekly Summary


Planning out an argumentative Essay


Planning out your essay: 

Before you start planning out your essay it is very important that you plan out what your going to write so that you can focus on the topic and ensure that you are answering the writing prompt accurately. Here are some essay steps that you can use to plan out your essay:

  1. Underline the key vocabulary in the question and write words with the same or related meaning 
  2. Decide what kind of response is needed
  3. Brainstorm key points for the answer
  4. Decide on structure of the essay

Please remember that a well planned out essay usually results in a better response

Steps in writing your essay



It is important to remember that there are many ways to respond and this is just one of the many that you can choose.

Guided Writing Exercise: 

Independent Writing Exercise: 

The Right to Roam (Listening Section 3)

What is Listening Section 3? 

  • It is generally a discussion between two to four speakers (e.g. between one or  more students and/or a  university teacher)
  • The subject is some aspect of academic life (e.g. a past of future project)
  • up to three tasks
  • A total of ten questions- there is a brief pause in the discussion between the parts that relate to each of the tasks

Tips for today’s guided exercise: 

In today’s listening exercise you will need to complete a table here are some tips that you may want to use:

  1. Look at the instructions and check how many words that you must write in. 
  2. Look at the heading of the table which tells you what the recording is about
  3. Read the column headings
  4. Look at each row of the table in turn and think about the kind of word(s) you need to complete it
  5. Listen and complete each gap
  6. Move on to the next row each time the speaker talks about something new
  7. Keep up with the speaker if you miss an answer forget it and move on to the next. Fill in any gaps at the end with a guess
  8. Transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the test

Task 1

Download the following file and complete the task

Focus on Listening 2 The right to roam

Task 2 

Download the file and complete the independent listening task

Section 3 Independent Exercise