Watch & Listen (Unit 7 Sports and Competition)

Before we start looking at the exercises lets review through some vocabulary that will be covered in the unit :

jockey town square banner race track dangerous neighborhood
excited fall lap worried disappointed

What do these words mean, use the Quizlet link (below) to study the definitions:

Now that you have studied the words use the padlet link below to work in groups of 3 or four to write sentences showing an understanding of the meaning of the word. Remember to include a full stop and capital letter in each of your sentences:

Now complete the exercises found in the attachment below or log into your Unlock 2 book Listening and Speaking pg. 245-245 exercise 4&5. If you don’t have access to your ebook you can download the attached worksheet:  Vocabulary Exercises (Unit 7 Listening and Speaking

Pre-Watching Discussion Questions 

In groups discuss the following questions

  1. Have you ever seen a horse race in real life or on TV?
  2. Is horse racing popular in your country?

Choose a person in your group and write your responses on the following padlet link:

Your going to be watching a short video about a famous horse race use the link to brainstorm things you will see in the video (work in groups)

While Watching Questions 

While watching the video complete exercises 7&8 on 247-248. If you don’t have access to the ebook you can download the questions from the link below:

While you Watch (Listening & Speaking Unit 7)

Post Watch and Listen 

In pairs create poster using describing a famous place in Ras Al Khaiamah. Use the link below for a description of the task




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