Vocabulary: Work

Reading text for exercises: 

Coral Reefs

Exercise 1: 

Scan the text above for the words and phrases connected with work in the left hand column below  and underline them.Without using    a dictionary match the words in the left hand column with the meanings in the right-hand column

1. Occupation a) money earned from working
2. livelihoods b)job(s)
3. income  c)a way of earning money to live
4. workforce d) gain money by working 
5. earn  e) a group of workers 

Exercise 2: 

Using the following link create a mind map for words that are connected to the word occupation


Exercise 3 

Complete the following vocabulary exercise: Work Vocabulary exercise

Linking Expressions (Coral Reefs)

Reading Article: 

Coral Reefs


In the text above there are  many examples of words and phrases which connect ideas between different sentences or paragraphs. These are sometimes called linking expressions. Different linking expressions for different types of connection help you to understand texts more easily.

Highlight  the following linking expressions in the Coral reef text:

  • for example (line 17) 
  • In addition (line 18)
  • on the other hand (line 26)
  • In fact (line 28)

Now answer the following questions: 

  • Which of these linking expressions means the same as but?
  • Which one means the same as also?
  • Which one is used to signal that the writer is going to emphasise something?
  • Which one means the same as e.g.?

Complete the summary by choosing the correct linking expressions: 

Coral Reefs Linking Expressions

Coral Reefs (Reading)

Pre-Reading Task: 

Todays reading will be about Coral reefs using the pad let brainstorm as many things as you know about “Coral Reefs”

Brainstorming session

Reading Task 

Read the following article about coral reefs

Coral Reefs


1. Decide which answer A-D best expresses the main idea of the text best

A. The structure and location of coral reefs

B. Fish exports from Papua New Guinea

C. The economic importance of coral reefs

D. Female unemployment in costal villages

What is wrong with the other options ?

2. Complete the exam task below: 

Answer the questions. 

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage for each answer. 

1. According to the writer, what do coral reefs look like?

2. How many countries have a coral reef close to their coastline?

3. What proportion of workers in the Maldives fish for a living?

4. Which activity is more than half of the Maldives’ based on?

5. How can people usually get to reef fisheries?

6. What do Indian women often help to make?

7. What is usually exchanged for wood by women on Ulithi Atoll?

3. Complete the True and False Questions below: 

1. The majority of coral reefs are in shallow waters.

2. Many people make a living from coral reefs.

3. The only way to make money from coral reefs is to sell the products.

4. Women do not normally go fishing on boats.

5. In india, women often help to wash and prepare fish before it is sold.

6. Women cannot borrow money in Papua New Guinea.








Richard Branson (Reading Task)

Pre Reading task 

You are going to read a short passage about the career of Richard Branson. Do you know anything about Richard Branson? Using the internet create a web quest finding out as much information as you can be Richard Branson, share  your ideas with the class. 

Grade 11.5 (Mind Map)

Grade 11.6 Mind Map

Reading Task

Read the following article

Richard Branson Reading


Respond to the questions:

Richard Branson MCQ

Closing Task 

1. Look through the Richard Branson reading and underline all the past simple verbs

2. Complete this summary by putting the verbs in brackets into the correct form: Richard Branson Gap Fill

Extra Material 

Focus on Grammar Past Simple Exercises



Talking about jobs and Careers

Task 1 

Study the essential language: 

Discussing jobs and careers: 


What do you do? / What’s your job?

I’m a….  / I work as a…. / I work in a… 

Tell me about your job / the job you hope to do..

My /the job involves …. ing   You need to have…. 

I / you have to … and …    You need to be ..

The best thing about being a… is… (that)


What are your career plans? 

I’m hoping to be a(n)…..  I’m studying to be a(n)….. 

Task 2

Discussing Jobs and careers