Sports and Competition Vocabulary


In today’s lesson we are going to review through some vocabulary that  is related to sports and sport competitions

Lets use the following Quizlet link to review through the vocabulary:

Now that we have reviewed through the vocabulary lets work in pairs to write sentences showing an understanding of the vocabulary that has been introduced. Use the padlet link below to share your completed sentences. Make sure that your sentences start with a capital letter and end of with a full stop

Palet link:

Post Vocabulary Exercise: 

In pairs use keynote and choose 8 vocabulary words from the list you have been provided with and create a presentation with the words.

Your presentation must include the following

  1. A picture
  2. A definition (using your own words)
  3. A new sentence
  4. Be Creative

Once you have created your presentation please let me know so that i can review through your completed work



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