Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

Now that we know what globalization is lets watch a short video about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. While you are watching remember two spend time taking notes.

Working in pairs create a presentation using information from the video about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. Remember when creating your presentation that you get everyone involved.

First Day of Class for Grade 11

Hello, Grade 11 students today is your face day of class and welcome to your class blog. In today’s lesson we will be covering the following points:

  • Introductions
  • Course Blueprints
  • Course Curriculum documents
  • Class Rules
  • Class Policies
  • Class Materials

Class Blue Prints and Curriculum Documents 

Course Blue Print: ENG60-G11ATHS-Blueprint-AY2018-19-tsda6d

Course Curriculum Documents: ENG60-G11ATHS-Curriculum Document-AY2018-19-284mkig

Course Expectations: 

Semester Rubric

Your grades will be based on the following marking scheme for each semester:

  • Participation = 20%
  • Homework = 20%
  • Projects = 20%
  • Quizzes = 40%

Please note that this may change (please note that if changes take place I will inform you)

Class Policies

Class Policies
Homework assignments Homework problems will be assigned regularly. It is essential that you do the problems to the best of your ability. Copying them from others constitutes plagiarism and will do no one any good. The answers will be provided to you in most cases as a way for you to check your understanding. Homework problem sets will generally be worth 5%. A weekly quiz will be conducted to ensure your understanding.Note that the homework total score must reflect the submission time and marks must be deducted as the following:

  • Late by one day      =95% * score
  • Late by 2 days         =90% * score
  • Exceeds two days   =50% * Score



Attendance Students are expected to attend their classes regularly and without delay. More than 5 minutes delay will turn in missing points from the attendance make considered in the classwork accumulative mark.
Missing school-based quizzes If a student missed an ongoing formative assessment, it is his responsibility to provide medical excuse and follow up with the teacher to repeat the exam. If medical excuse was not provided the mark will be considered zero for that specific quiz.
Academic integrity ATHS is a community of learners joined together by search for knowledge; academic integrity is the central value in this community characterized by upholding values, codes of behaviour, honesty, free from lies and deception. Ultimate ATHS community properties are the values of fairness, respect, trust and responsibility.Academic dishonesty refers to cheating and plagiarism which is student receiving or providing unauthorized assistance during an academic activity. The academic activity is any exam setting or submitting academic reports and projects. Students are responsible for the integrity of their actions and must be willing to accept the consequences of these actions. If the teacher detected academic dishonesty, he will discuss the issue with the students and if it was clarified he will adjust marking accordingly.

I will be giving you a quiz and spelling quiz on a weekly basis

Class Blogs / Email / Desire 2 Learn/ Google Class

Google Class: 

We will be using google class as a way for us to hand in homework and also to communicate. Please google Google Class and use the following codes to log in

11.02 b8b6bv
11.03 249fwvi

Class Blog= I will be using class blog through out the year which can be found at the following link (please make sure you check the blog on a regular basis) l

Email =

Things your going to need for class: 

For class you should bring on a daily basis the following items:

  • Fully charged laptop or Ipad
  • Notebook
  • Class Binder

Class Rules

Here are the class rules for this semester please study and follow them:

  • Be on time.male_student
  • Put your hand up if you want to speak.
  • Only one person speaks at a time.
  • Rudeness isn’t tolerated
  • Hand in your homework on time.
  • Don’t cheat
  • Do your best

I have also attached a copy of these rules to this post so that you can have them all the timeClass Rules