Describing a bar chart

Today we are going to be learning how to describe a bar chart. Download the power point in the link below so that you can follow along with the lesson:

G9 Unit 9 Bar Chart-1byhtez

Now that we have reviewed through the structure for describing a bar chart we will now try working together and completing a structured exercise. Please download the exercise in the link below:

Bar Graph essay Practice 1 (Gap fill)-wc22uj

Once you have completed the structured practice exercise try working on one of the challenge exercises which have already been printed out for you.

Describing How something works

In today’s lesson, we are going to learn how to describe how something works. It is very important that we learn how to do this as this kind of essay can appear in your end of year exam.

To get you thinking here are some questions to warm you up:

  1. How many objects do you use every day? Which ones?
  2. Which objects are most important to you? Why?
  3. Did you buy these objects or were they given to you? Why?
  4. Which objects would you like to own in the future?

Planning your writing task: 

You can use a description wheel to quickly record different aspects of a topic  before writing

Download the worksheet in the link below:

Describing a wheel-zkg5s4

Essay Structure: 

Now that you have planned out your essay use the suggested structure to write your essay:


Ensure that your introduction covers the following points

What are you describing? What can it do? A thesis statement telling the reader what your essay is going to do.

Body Paragraph 1

In this paragraph make sure that you describe your object. Your description should cover the following points:

  • Colour
  • material
  • shape
  • features
  • weight
  • price
  • size
  • functions

Body Paragraph 2: 

In body paragraph 2 write about the advantages and disadvantage of this item. Remember to include two advantages and two disadvantages.


Use the following sentence to complete your essay

“To sum up we can see that the  ___________________ is a useful object that is able to help people to_____________________.

Writing Task: 

Now that you understand the structure of the essay use your ideas from the planning stage to write an essay describing the object. Use the lined paper provided and submit your completed task at the end of the period.

Challenge Writing Task: 

Using the structures that you have been taught trying this challenge writing task by describing the images below. Remember to use the provided lined paper

Electric Drill:

Pneumatic Crane:

Listening 2 Unit 9 (Unlock 2)

Today we will listen to a listening about different kinds of inventions.  Before we start the listening exercise lets try to complete a pre-listening vocabulary exercise:


Match the shapes with the words:

Now using your notepad application in your Ipad convert words into nouns. Use the Padlet link below to share your ideas:

Convert the shape words into adjectives

While Listening 

Listen to the listening and respond to the comprehension questions. Download the questions from the link below:

Listening 2 Unit 9-2m1n729

Post Listening

Now that you have listened to a listening about inventions lets think about some inventions that we know about.  In groups think about an invention and create a presentation to covers the following questions:

  1. What is the best invention?
  2. Why do you think it is the best invention?
  3. What can it do? Does it help people?
  4. What could you do to improve this invention?

Present your presentation to the class, Make sure that everyone in your group is involved.


Giving Instructions and Comparing Maps (Writing Review)

In today’s lesson we will be reviewing two different types of essay:

  • Comparing Maps
  • Giving Instructions

The Structure for Comparing maps is as follows:

Describing the Maps Structure


Should consist of 3 three sentences. The first sentence should be a general statement, The second sentence should talk about what you can see and the third statement should tell the reader what you’re going to do


The body paragraph should generally describe the differences between the two maps as well as the positions of different things. Remember that this is only a summary so talk about the main changes. (It should be about 6 sentences long)


Start off your concluding paragraph with a concluding statement (like “To sum up” “To conclude”) then mention the biggest change and how things have changed overall.


Look at the diagram below and using the structure write a suitable response using the lined paper provided:

Now use the checklist below to review through your completed essay:

  1. Does the essay have 3 paragraphs (introduction, body and conclusion)?
  2. Does the essay tell you what the maps show?
  3. Does the essay mention what the major change is?
  4. Does the essay talk about the major changes?

Giving Instructions (Review)

The structure for giving instructions is as follows:

Giving Instructions (Essay Structure) 

When giving instructions use the following 3 paragraph essay:


Should include 3 sentences

  1. A general sentence possibly describing the sport you will be describing
  2. A sentence talking about the picture and what it shows
  3. A thesis statement describing what you will be doing


Describe the different steps if what your describing. Remember to use sequence words such as: first, second, third & finally 


Make sure your conclusions starts with a concluding statement (for example to sum up, to conclude). Finish your conclusion with a general observation about the steps you have described. “To conclude we can see that to lift weights you need three basic steps”


Now that you have reviewed the structure for giving instructions look at the picture below that shows how to do a high jump

The picture below shows you how to do a high jump:

Once you have completed use the checklist below to  review what you have writte

  • Do you have three paragraphs
  • Does your introduction include the following things: a general statement; a sentence talking about what the pictures sho; a thesis statement
  • In your second paragraph describe the different and remember to use sequence words
  • In your conclusion make sure that you use a concluding phrase and a general statement about the picture