Prediction Skills when Reading

During today’s class we will be using our prediction skills to complete an IELTS reading task. We will be focusing on the following types of questions:

  • True/False/Not Given
  • Flow Chart Completion
  • Short Answer Questions

Please download the following task and complete it

Task 1: The World Of Work Reading 1

Now that you have completed this guided exercise try work on an independent IELTS reading remember to utilise the reading strategies you have been taught this semester

Task 2: Independent Reading Task (Student)

Discussing Medical Developments

During today’s class we will be creating a presentation based around recent medical developments. The medical developments we will be looking at are:

  • X-Rays
  • Laser Surgery
  • Contact Lenses
  • Hip Replacement.

You will need to focus on one of these developments and your presentation should include the following:

  • What is it?
  • When was it discovered and used successfully?
  • How does it benefit society ?
  • Why do you think this development is important ?

In order to create your presentation you will need to use the Web 2.0 tool which can be found on the following link:

Please note that this task is a group work assignment and that you will need to email me a completed presentation at the end of the class


Discussing Medical Developments

Focus on Listening (Section 4 of the IELTS Listening Exam)

During this period we will be focusing listening strategies to complete section 4 of the IELTS listening exam. When listening remember to do the following:

  • Review through the  questions and highlight any important words
  • If there are any tables or diagrams to complete look through them so that you know what to listen for
  • Don’t get bogged down with one question remember each question is only worth one mark

Task 1:

Focus on Listening Milestones of medicine

Task 2: 

Independent Exercise Listening