Watch & Listen People Unit 9

During today’s lesson we will be watching a video about the internet

Post Video: 

In your groups write down all the websites that you know of. Use the padlet link to share your ideas

Discuss the following questions in your groups

  1. Which websites do you like or dislike?
  2. Who started these websites?
  3. How has social media changed the lives of students?

Share your ideas in the paddle link:

While Watching: 

Lets watch the video together while your watching note down all the different websites that are mentioned. What websites were mentioned in the video ?

Watch the video and complete the following worksheet: Watch and Listen Unit 9 Exercise 7-1ph8qsp

Post Video Exercise

In this exercise you will need to get into the following groups

Group1 (Instagram)

Group  2


Group 3


Group 4


Group 5


Group 6


Jassem Mohammed

Suood Othman

Faisal Ahmed

Zaid Suliman

Ali Abdulnaser

Rashid Humaid

Mohammed Omar

Ahmed Mohammed

Abdulla Abdulrahim

Matar Suliman

Abdulrahman Aadel

Abdulla Aamer

Ismail Ali

Abdulla Ahmed

Mohammed Faisal

Saqr Majed


Abdulla Easa

Saif Omar

Hamad aadel

Saqr Abdulla

Ali Mohammed



Work in your groups and research the following information about the websites you have been given:

  • Who founded the website?
  • When was it founded?
  • What does it do ?
  • The Number of countries and Languages
  • What is special about this website

Once you have researched this information use to create a presentation which you can share with the class.

Supplementary Exercises 

Now that you have finished the “watch & listen” exercises try complete the supplementary exercise below on subject-verb agreement: Subject Verb Agreement Supplementary-10vpclv

Watch & Listen (Unit 7 Sports and Competition)

Before we start looking at the exercises lets review through some vocabulary that will be covered in the unit :

jockey town square banner race track dangerous neighborhood
excited fall lap worried disappointed

What do these words mean, use the Quizlet link (below) to study the definitions:

Now that you have studied the words use the padlet link below to work in groups of 3 or four to write sentences showing an understanding of the meaning of the word. Remember to include a full stop and capital letter in each of your sentences:

Now complete the exercises found in the attachment below or log into your Unlock 2 book Listening and Speaking pg. 245-245 exercise 4&5. If you don’t have access to your ebook you can download the attached worksheet:  Vocabulary Exercises (Unit 7 Listening and Speaking

Pre-Watching Discussion Questions 

In groups discuss the following questions

  1. Have you ever seen a horse race in real life or on TV?
  2. Is horse racing popular in your country?

Choose a person in your group and write your responses on the following padlet link:

Your going to be watching a short video about a famous horse race use the link to brainstorm things you will see in the video (work in groups)

While Watching Questions 

While watching the video complete exercises 7&8 on 247-248. If you don’t have access to the ebook you can download the questions from the link below:

While you Watch (Listening & Speaking Unit 7)

Post Watch and Listen 

In pairs create poster using describing a famous place in Ras Al Khaiamah. Use the link below for a description of the task