Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

Now that we know what globalization is lets watch a short video about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. While you are watching remember two spend time taking notes.

Working in pairs create a presentation using information from the video about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. Remember when creating your presentation that you get everyone involved.

Describing How something works

In today’s lesson, we are going to learn how to describe how something works. It is very important that we learn how to do this as this kind of essay can appear in your end of year exam.

To get you thinking here are some questions to warm you up:

  1. How many objects do you use every day? Which ones?
  2. Which objects are most important to you? Why?
  3. Did you buy these objects or were they given to you? Why?
  4. Which objects would you like to own in the future?

Planning your writing task: 

You can use a description wheel to quickly record different aspects of a topic  before writing

Download the worksheet in the link below:

Describing a wheel-zkg5s4

Essay Structure: 

Now that you have planned out your essay use the suggested structure to write your essay:


Ensure that your introduction covers the following points

What are you describing? What can it do? A thesis statement telling the reader what your essay is going to do.

Body Paragraph 1

In this paragraph make sure that you describe your object. Your description should cover the following points:

  • Colour
  • material
  • shape
  • features
  • weight
  • price
  • size
  • functions

Body Paragraph 2: 

In body paragraph 2 write about the advantages and disadvantage of this item. Remember to include two advantages and two disadvantages.


Use the following sentence to complete your essay

“To sum up we can see that the  ___________________ is a useful object that is able to help people to_____________________.

Writing Task: 

Now that you understand the structure of the essay use your ideas from the planning stage to write an essay describing the object. Use the lined paper provided and submit your completed task at the end of the period.

Challenge Writing Task: 

Using the structures that you have been taught trying this challenge writing task by describing the images below. Remember to use the provided lined paper

Electric Drill:

Pneumatic Crane:

Giving Instructions and Comparing Maps (Writing Review)

In today’s lesson we will be reviewing two different types of essay:

  • Comparing Maps
  • Giving Instructions

The Structure for Comparing maps is as follows:

Describing the Maps Structure


Should consist of 3 three sentences. The first sentence should be a general statement, The second sentence should talk about what you can see and the third statement should tell the reader what you’re going to do


The body paragraph should generally describe the differences between the two maps as well as the positions of different things. Remember that this is only a summary so talk about the main changes. (It should be about 6 sentences long)


Start off your concluding paragraph with a concluding statement (like “To sum up” “To conclude”) then mention the biggest change and how things have changed overall.


Look at the diagram below and using the structure write a suitable response using the lined paper provided:

Now use the checklist below to review through your completed essay:

  1. Does the essay have 3 paragraphs (introduction, body and conclusion)?
  2. Does the essay tell you what the maps show?
  3. Does the essay mention what the major change is?
  4. Does the essay talk about the major changes?

Giving Instructions (Review)

The structure for giving instructions is as follows:

Giving Instructions (Essay Structure) 

When giving instructions use the following 3 paragraph essay:


Should include 3 sentences

  1. A general sentence possibly describing the sport you will be describing
  2. A sentence talking about the picture and what it shows
  3. A thesis statement describing what you will be doing


Describe the different steps if what your describing. Remember to use sequence words such as: first, second, third & finally 


Make sure your conclusions starts with a concluding statement (for example to sum up, to conclude). Finish your conclusion with a general observation about the steps you have described. “To conclude we can see that to lift weights you need three basic steps”


Now that you have reviewed the structure for giving instructions look at the picture below that shows how to do a high jump

The picture below shows you how to do a high jump:

Once you have completed use the checklist below to  review what you have writte

  • Do you have three paragraphs
  • Does your introduction include the following things: a general statement; a sentence talking about what the pictures sho; a thesis statement
  • In your second paragraph describe the different and remember to use sequence words
  • In your conclusion make sure that you use a concluding phrase and a general statement about the picture


Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of different sports

In our last lesson, we briefly wrote down some of the advantages and disadvantages of different sports from listening 2

What are some of these advantages and disadvantages share them in the Padlet link below:

Advantages and disadvantages

Now complete  exercises 1 & 2 on page 279 in your listening and speaking book and exercise 5 on page 276

Once you have completed the exercises 1,2,  & 5 use the information you have collected about the advantages and disadvantages of the different the sports to create your own presentation. The presentation should cover the following things:

  • What is the sport your talking about? Include a brief description of what it involves.
  • What are the advantages of doing that sport?
  • What are the disadvantages of doing that sport?

Remember that this is an independent presentation so you will be presenting it by yourself.

Group Speaking Task: 

Working in groups of three you are going to plan a sports competition encouraging people to use your local sports centre. When planning out your response you must cover the following steps

  1. Choose a popular sport or activity in your competition.
  2. Decide where the competition will be held and the equipment you’ll need.
  3. Think of reasons why people would/wouldn’t want to take part in the competition
  4. Decide together on a prize to give to the winner of the competition

Once you have planned everything out prepare a presentation and present your idea to the class. Make sure everyone in your group talks.

Cross Curricular (Change over Time)

In today’s lesson we are going to look at a different essay prompt that can appear in your SWQ exam. Have a look at the title below:

How has industrialization changed water purity over time? 

What kind of essay is this ?? What kind of structure would you need??

Share your ideas in the Padlet link below:

What kind of essay is this

Pre Writing:

Using the internet try and find information related to the essay prompt: How has industrialization changed water purity over time? Remember that you need to find information related to changes that have taken place and also the causes for these changes.

Share your ideas on the Padlet link below: Water purity

Now share your ideas to the class.

While Writing: 

Use the following structure to help you with this kind of essay


Sentence 1: General information
Sentence 2: Paraphrase Topic
Thesis statement: This essay will outline the changes in _____and highlight the causes for these changes. 

Body 1: Describe the changes

Topic sentence: Many changes have taken place in _________.



Change 1:

·       First, …..

·       Explain

·       Example (For example ….)

Change 2:

·       A second change is that …..

·       Explain

·       Example (For instance ….)

 Body 2: Causes of the change

Topic sentence: There are various/several reasons why ________ has / have changed.



Cause 1

·       The main reason is that …..

·       Explain

·       Example

Cause 2

·       Another important reason for….. is that …

·       Explain

·       Example




To sum up, …. (summarize the changes)

Future: I believe that these changes will (not) continue in the future because ……

Using the structure above write a response to the following question:

How has industrialization changed water purity over time ? 

Remember to write a minimum of 250 words and to post in the padlet link: Change over time essays

Post Writing: 

Use the check list below to assess your own writing

Essay Check List

  • Do you have an introduction
  • Are there three sentences in your introductory paragraph : General statement; your opinion; thesis statement
  • Do you have two body paragraphs
  • Does each body paragraph have a supporting reason and three examples
  • Do you have a conclusion
  • Does your conclusion include a concluding phrase
  • Have you restated your opinion in your conclusion and summarized your reasons
  • Have you used the past tense
  • Have you re-read what you have written to make sure it makes sense
  • Have you used punctuation
  • Do your sentences have full stops and capital letters
  • Are your paragraphs clear

Extra Grammar Exercises 


Imperatives and Sign Language

I am sure we can all agree that teaching grammar can be as dull as watching paint peel off a wall…. So i decided to try something a little different. The whole past week we have been focusing on imperatives and instructions. We have looked at all the traditional examples like rules and recipes this time i thought I would make things a little different by getting my boys to make presentations based around American Sign Language. The boys basically had to create presentation about making a number of different sign language signs for common phrases and teach the class how to do them. As a result we were able to kill two birds with one stone … with the boys being able to practice writing imperatives and at the same time learning how to sign 🙂 Great jobs 





Creating a poster for the Earbud !! Task Based learning

Sometimes you are given the most basic of material in which to create lesson and this exactly what happened today. The CDU of the school had provided us with a simple video and reading about a piece of technology and as the “earbud pilot”. My initial reaction was horror !!! What are they trying to do ??? There are no questions no activities prepared what exactly are they wanting us to do ??? Don’t they realize that we already don’t have enough time as it is….

Then I decided to think outside the box after spending bit of time reading about Task based learning and the communicative teaching method I thought to myself what could be better than to make this into a task where students would have to use the prior knowledge to create something creative and interesting and hopefully a little fun.

Anyway the idea is as follows;

Firstly students will spend a little bit of time reading an article and watching about the pilot ear-bud after which they will then spend sometime working in pairs and research some pre-designed questions which will help them to generate ideas.

  1. What is the Pilot Earbud?
  2. What problems does it solve?
  3. What kind of technology does it use?
  4. What languages does it translate?
  5. How does it work?

Once they have researched the questions they will then need to use their creative juices to create an advertising video to promote the product using their iPads, iMovie and any other presentation tools.

As a task it utilizes numerous skills that are beneficial for the students. These include research, reading, listening, speaking and of course the mechanics of the language itself. But best of all students are required to utilize 21st century skills be creative and think outside the box.

Giving so much freedom to a class is always difficult but lets just see how things go

Describing People you Admire

Lets start by looking at some vocabulary that can be used to describe someone:

Vocabulary Exercises

reliable patient confident clever
selfish calm lazy talented
kind difficult sensible friendly
intelligent honest stupid shy

Divide the adjective into positive adjectives and negative adjectives

Complete the worksheet below:  Language Development Unit 9 (Reading & writing)-1vwhyrv

Critical thinking (Preparation for writing assignment)

Look at the table below copy it into a word processing app like pages or word. Write the names of three people that you admire in each category

Person 1 Person 2 Person 3
Sports Player
Business People

Remember to save the names because you are going to need it for another exercise

Using the padlet like below try to think of reasons why someone would admire somebody:

Pre-Writing Task 

Using one person from the list that you created previously of people you admire use  word or pages to write a list of reasons why you admire that person. Share your ideas with the rest of the class.

Writing Task : 

Write a 150 word essay describing a person that you admire . Giving reason why you admire this person person and what this person has done.. Remember that your essay should include a body and a conclusion.

Please use the provided line paper and submit your essay to me by the end of the period.