Mock Interviews

In this task you will work in pairs to come up with an interview, with one of you playing the role of the interviewer and the other the interviewee.

1. First think up a list of questions that you think an interviewer may ask during an interview (You should have at least 20 questions)

2. Then think of possible answers that you could give in response to the questions that you have thought up.

3. Work with your partner and come up with some kind of script that you could use when you do your interview.

4. Practice your script with your partner

Now that you have come up with a script you will now need to work with your partner and record your interview. All interviews must be handed in as video file on a pen drive or CD before the due date

Enrichment: Talking about your skills

Step 1: 

Ask your friends: “What things do you think I do well? “Write their answers in the space below. If more than one person mentioned the same strength, this may be your number one strength right now and may help you be successful in a career later in your life.


Your strength


List four things that you not only enjoy doing but you also do well:








 Step Two:

Which of these four things do you think you do the best? (This is your number one strength.)

Step Three:

What kind of jobs do you think that your number one strength could enable you to get? Why?

Step Four:

What makes people successful in their jobs?

Step Five:

Once you have completed the above steps use the information from the different steps to write a short essay about your skills and strengths remember to include all the information from steps 1-4 (Task 3 is due on 13th of February)


Environmental Problems and Solution Essays

When writing a problem solution essay you can use the following types of structure:

  1. Introduction- introduce topic and give your clear answer to the task question
  2. Problems – give examples and supporting details
  3. Solutions – give examples and supporting details
  4. Conclusion – restate your answer to the question


  1. Introduction –  introduce topic and give your clear answer to the task question
  2. Main problem #1  & possible solutions  – give examples
  3. Main problem #2  & possible solutions – give examples
  4. Conclusion – restate your answer to the question

Download the tasks

Task 1: Envrionmental problems and solutions

Task 2: Problem Solution Independent Exercise