End of Term Exams Preparation

Students…. I know your all probably enjoying your holidays but for those of you who are interested in preparing for your final exam for this semester here is a heads-up on what to expect during the exam


There will be two reading passages during the exam. The first reading passage will be typical IELTS  reading with questions focusing on matching headings to paragraphs; completing a summary; T/F/NG; and short answer. The second reading passage will be taken from your Literature Advancement class (so if you have time try to look through some of the readings so that your ready for the exams. 


There is also a listening component to the exam please remember that the listenings are IELTS focused which means that they will be pretty fast, so get yourself ready and don’t day dream !!! Try to use available time to read through the listening questions so that you can listen intelligently.


As I have mentioned before writing will be an advantage/disadvantage essay. It is important that you write a four paragraph essay and that you use the following lay out to write your essay:

Task 2 Outline

I have also included some sample essays that you can use to practice on.

Independent Review Exercise Independent Review Exercise 2