Reading 2 Famous People

In today’s class we are going to be reading an article about some famous people around the world


Before we start reading lets have a look at some vocabulary that will be covered in the reading

former train achieve a dream a charity

Add the words to your vocabulary presentation or to your quizlet that you have started in the previous lessons. Remember to include a sample sentence and definition

While Reading 

Download the reading and work on the comprehension questions

Unit 9 Reading 2 -20axw67

Post Reading: 

Using an app of your choice work independently to create a poster about a famous person from the UAE. Your poster must cover the following points:

  • Who is the person?
  • Where was born?
  • How old is the person
  • Why is this person famous?
  • What has this person done to help society?

Remember to be creative as possible and to include photographs so that your poster can be interesting. This task will be graded and your expected to submit your work as a PDF at the end of the period.

Supplementary Work: 

Once you have submitted your poster please complete the following grammatical worksheets

Plurals: plural-nouns-29lw9of

Subject Pronouns: Pronoun3_Subject_Pronouns-2-wbugwx


Reading 1 (Ben Underwood)

Today we are going to be a reading an article about a remarkable teenage boy called Ben Underwood

Let’s watch a short video together about Ben Underwood while watching the video think about the following question

  1. What is amazing about Ben Underwood?
  2. What can the do

Write your answers in the padlet link below:

Vocabulary Exercises

Before we begin the reading lets have a look at some vocabulary that you will see in the reading:

a talent an operation cancer blind inspire incredible remove

Continue adding the words to your vocabulary presentation or to your quizlet page that you have previously started remember to include a definition, example sentence and a picture

Reading & Reading Comprehension

Read the article and respond to the comprehension questions:Reading 1 Unit 9-1bw77ig

Talking About Famous People 

In the video and reading we talked about a remarkable young man. In this activity I would like you to work in pairs and create a presentation using to talk about remarkable children  or teenagers.

Make sure that you presentation covers the following questions

  • What is his/her name?
  • Why is he/she famous?
  • How are their lives different from other children’s or teenagers’ lives? (think about the following school; hobbies; friends; home

Here is an example for you to follow:

Once you have created your thing link pictures please send them to me so that I can create a post for out class blog. Send your links to the following email address

Each pair must submit one picture

Supplementary Exercises 

Please complete the following supplementary exercises

Plural & Singular: plural-nouns-29lw9of

Subject Pronouns: Pronoun3_Subject_Pronouns-2-wbugwx


Reading 2 (Tough Guy Competition)

In today’s lesson we will reading an article about the Tough Man Race. 

Pre -Reading Task 

Using the internet work in groups and research the following questions about the Tough Man Competition:

  1. What is the tough man race?
  2. Where does it take place ?
  3. What do you have to do?
  4. Is It free or do you have to pay to take part?
  5. How many obstacles are there usually?
  6. Give an example of one of the obstacles that are usually found in the race?

Share your answers on the following pallet link:

While Reading: 

We will now read a short article about the  Tough Man Race after reading the article answer the questions. The reading can be found in e-book pg. 263-266 exercises 4-7 (Reading & Writing)

If you don’t have access to your textbook you can download the reading and the questions from the link: Reading 2 Unit 7 -1ujwnvz

Post Reading

During the reading we learnt that in order for you take part in the Tough Man Race it is important that your healthy and fit in this final part of the lesson you will work in pairs to create a short presentation using an application of your choice to  talk about : Why people keep fit?

Your presentation should cover the following questions

  1. Is it important to keep fit ?
  2. What can people do to keep fit?
  3. What are some of the positive benefits of keeping fit?
  4. What do you do to keep fit? Would you recommend these activities?

Before presenting remember to check your grammar and spelling?

World of Work Reading 2

During today’s reading activity we will be looking at three different types of reading question

  • Note completion
  • Yes, no, not given
  • Matching Details to Paragraphs

Download and complete the following tasks, remember to follow tips that are given in the worksheet

Task 1: Reading 2 World of Work

Now complete the independent task: Independent Reading Task

Prediction Skills when Reading

During today’s class we will be using our prediction skills to complete an IELTS reading task. We will be focusing on the following types of questions:

  • True/False/Not Given
  • Flow Chart Completion
  • Short Answer Questions

Please download the following task and complete it

Task 1: The World Of Work Reading 1

Now that you have completed this guided exercise try work on an independent IELTS reading remember to utilise the reading strategies you have been taught this semester

Task 2: Independent Reading Task (Student)