STEAM Project Term 3

In term 3 the grade 9 STEAM is based around a Pneumatic Crane. In the English component of the project, you will need to create a catalogue that will highlight the features of your crane. In order to create this brochure, I will suggest that e either utilize pages or

Your brochure should include the following:

  1. A brief description of your pneumatic crane: How does it work?  What is it?  Why is it special?
  2. A list of things that it can do?
  3. Technical details and components? This can be details regarding how tall it is? What are the different parts made of?
  4. A labelled picture of the crane

Before we start planning out our brochure lets spend some time using the internet to research the above questions. Use the internet and pages to do this.

Below is an example of the kind of thing that you are expected to create:

Remember to work in your STEAM Project Groups with each group being expected to submit one brochure for your STEAM Project submission. Below is the rubric that will be used to grade your project: ATHS-2016-2017-T3-G9_STEAM+Project-1dysuuk



What did I learn?

This term is about to come to an end and it is important that we look back at what we have been studying.  Over the next couple of days I would like you all to work in groups of four or three and create an iMovie presentation looking at the different things that you have you  learnt over the last semester. Please remember to be as creative as you can and that you include all the different things that we have covered  Once you have completed your iMovie send the completed presentation to the following email address:

Planning Activity: 

Before starting to make your move in groups use the following padlet link to start planning out your iMovie:

Mock Interviews

In this task you will work in pairs to come up with an interview, with one of you playing the role of the interviewer and the other the interviewee.

1. First think up a list of questions that you think an interviewer may ask during an interview (You should have at least 20 questions)

2. Then think of possible answers that you could give in response to the questions that you have thought up.

3. Work with your partner and come up with some kind of script that you could use when you do your interview.

4. Practice your script with your partner

Now that you have come up with a script you will now need to work with your partner and record your interview. All interviews must be handed in as video file on a pen drive or CD before the due date

Enrichment: Talking about your skills

Step 1: 

Ask your friends: “What things do you think I do well? “Write their answers in the space below. If more than one person mentioned the same strength, this may be your number one strength right now and may help you be successful in a career later in your life.


Your strength


List four things that you not only enjoy doing but you also do well:








 Step Two:

Which of these four things do you think you do the best? (This is your number one strength.)

Step Three:

What kind of jobs do you think that your number one strength could enable you to get? Why?

Step Four:

What makes people successful in their jobs?

Step Five:

Once you have completed the above steps use the information from the different steps to write a short essay about your skills and strengths remember to include all the information from steps 1-4 (Task 3 is due on 13th of February)


Performing well at a job interview (Tips to succeed)

For this part of the grade 11 enrichment project students will need to work in pairs to create a presentation that will discuss useful tips to help candidates prepare for a job interview. You will need to use a power point tool such as, key note or power point. Please remember that your presentation should be creative and informative and that when using external resources such as the internet that these are properly documented.

In order for everyone to have the opportunity to present their presentation preparation will take place during todays class and students  will present during the following project class.

Please note that the presentation carries a grade and will be included in your final project grade.

Enrichment: Job Interviews

This semester the enrichment project will be based around a mock interview and a thank you letter to an interviewer, it is hoped that by completing this enrichment you will be ready for any possible job interviews that may come up in the future. As high school students it is important that you plan ahead and start thinking about college and possible career options which is why the focus of this semesters enrichment project is career based.

Interview skills are essential in assisting you to be successful in not only getting a job when you graduate school but in getting a job that you want.

Task 1: 

In task 1 you will carry out a web quest answering the questions in the worksheet The worksheet will need to be typed and printed out. Please remember that task 1 is worth 10 points and will be included

Enrichment Task 1 Term 2


Task 1 Enrichment (11.7)

Task 1: 

In groups create a mind map and discuss the following questions

  • What is a CV?
  • Why do we need one?
  • Who do we send our CV to ?
  • Why do we need to keep our CV up to date?

Share your ideas with the rest of the class:

Task 2: 

In groups discuss the following:

  • What kind of things should you or shouldn’t you include in a resume
  • Watch the video and add to your list of thing (Please note that the teacher will show the video to you)
  • Share your ideas with the rest of the class.

Task 3: 

Complete the following worksheet. Please note that this worksheets needs to be typed and handed in .